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This Promising Wireless Technology Could Help Power the Future Metaverse

A new wireless technology that uses the human body as a conductor could help usher in a new generation of sleeker VR and AR devices. Well, not the body exactly, but the electromagnetic field surrounding it. Ixana’s technology, called Wi-R, makes use of the body’s natural ability as a conductor. A device either held or worn can transmit data over this field incredibly efficiently – Ixana claims it uses a hundredth of the amount of energy typically used in conventional wireless connections like WiFi or Bluetooth.

Pete Pachal

Ixana unveils the world's first Wi-R silicon chip to seamlessly communicate with touch.

Ixana announced YR11, the world’s first high-speed Wi-R silicon chip ready for customer sampling. Wi-R provides smart devices with the ability to securely communicate with touch. A demonstration of a Wi-R-enabled headset will be exhibited at Booth 61305 (Eureka Park), Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas from 5-8 Jan 2023.

Ixana raises $3M with breakthrough wearable silicon chip.

Ixana, the wearable hardware company developing high-speed human-computer interfaces, today announced it has closed $3 million in seed funding and is backed by Uncorrelated Ventures, Samsung Next, Evonexus, Paradigm Shift and Hack VC.

Wi-R Technology White Paper

Wi-R is a new non-radiative near-field communication technology that uses Electro-Quasistatic (EQS) Fields for communication. The key differentiations that make Wi-R unique are as follows:

A) Non-radiative Wire-like wireless

B) 100x more Energy-Efficient than Traditional Wireless

C) Wi-R is your Personal Secure Broadband solving the “last-meter problem” in Body Area Network (BAN)

Shreyas Sen