Introducing Wi-R

Wire-like Wireless

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Non-radiative wireless: security and performance of wired communication with the convenience of wireless

Non-radiative wireless

Traditional wireless signals radiate uniforms in every direction. The Bluetooth signal created on your phone can be accessed by anyone in a 5-10m radius.

Wi-R on the other hand, confines the signal around the surface. Someone sitting on your next table doesn't even have access to the signal.

Why Wi-R?

100X lower energy wireless


Lower Energy compared to Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

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Our ultra-low-power wireless YR11 chip equips wearables and Metaverse devices with all-day, real-time AI

Breakthrough technology for high-speed human-computer interaction

Our patented Wi-R technology delivers unique benefits over existing wireless solutions. YR11 is our first Wi-R product chip already integrated in headsets.

  • Touch Selectivity leading to touch detection
  • High-speed, Low-power
  • Physically Secure

Traditional wireless signal is available everywhere within a radius. Near-field communications simply reduce the radius. Such direction agnostic transmission is inherently inefficient. Designed for communications between wearables, Wi-R behaves as a wire by confining the signal in bubble around you. This allows Wi-R to offer superior robustness, efficiency and touch selectivity.

Wi-R: Wireless for the Metaverse

Ixana's Wi-R enables Metaverse applications from all-day video streaming for real-time AI to long battery-life motion trackers. In addition, Wi-R introduces unique experiences with the touch selectivity.

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