AI co-pilot for the physical world

Wi-R Applications

High-speed, low-power, touch-selective wireless making all-day digital twins a reality

Distributed Wearable AI

High-speed, low power Wi-R enables distributed AI with a wearable hub device.

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All-day AR Headset

Offloading video processing with Distributed AI enables all-day AR

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5G-relayed Wearables

High-speed distributed computation enables wearables to be empowered with 5G in the hub devices

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Pairing-free Electronics

Start using devices reliably as soon as you touch or wear them. No need to go through painful pairing each time.

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Charging-free Trackers

Low power Wi-R enables ultra-light motion trackers for the Metaverse, that you never have to take off

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Communicate with Touch

New experiences leveraging data transfer with touch: share music with touch, protect valuables with tags

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