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Wi-R Technology White Paper

Wi-R is a new non-radiative near-field communication technology that uses Electro-Quasistatic (EQS) Fields for communication.

A) Non-radiative Wire-like wireless

B) 100x more Energy-Efficient than Traditional Wireless

C) Wi-R is your Personal Secure Broadband solving the “last-meter problem” in Body Area Network (BAN)

Shreyas Sen

All-day Augmented Reality, now possible courtesy of Wi-R

Billions of dollars have been invested in recent years to build AR headsets that are suitable for everyday use, user-friendly, and powerful at the same time. Unfortunately, no company has yet been able to build the all-day productivity companion capable of real-time AI with always-on camera.

Shreyas Sen

Wi-R enables wearables to harness AI capabilities via distributed computation

We envision a future with distributed wearable computing. Similar to the human body, there would be multiple sensors on body, powered by one distributed computing hub (which we call Wearable Brain). We have coined the term Electronic Nervous System (ENS) for this distributed computing platform.

Shreyas Sen